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‘Slredd’ releases bouncy summer R&B banger ‘’No Breaks’’ ft ‘Abksa’

Taken off ‘Chicken Chase Vol 1’ from the Mi Hustle Entertainment label with fellow indie artist ‘Abksa’, ‘’No Breaks’’ is a bouncy track to inspire us to reach for our dreams and not let go, despite the obstacles that ghetto life brings at times. 

The beat is swag-full of flavour, ‘Slredd’ slays with her flow and lyrics that say that she means business now. She is tired of the haters and just wants to do her thing- making money is her only aim now. Extra motivated, you can hear that she is ready to explode music-wise. 

‘Abksa’ complements the song perfectly. Keeping everything in rhythm during the chorus, he sings about similar things to his partner and visualises being in Thailand and also speaks about the pain of ducking and dodging the grave. Growing up in the projects is no cake walk and one must be tough.

Let’s see how the rest of 2020 goes and whether these two can keep on pushing and get that breakout track. ‘’No Breaks’’ is a good song and pushes them up the ranks. 

Hear this song now and get in the mood.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen