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Leeds singer-songwriter Carmen McLean reminds us to ”Slow Down”

Carmen McLean a 22 year old songwriter based in Leeds in England. She is tremendous talent who is back with an important message with her indie folk message called ”Slow Down”.

Slow Down” is a perfect song for current times by the stunningly voiced Carmen McLean from lovely Leeds in the UK. She is so self-aware and makes the valid point that we all just need to slow right now in order to be happy. With a fast-paced world and so much going on, we need to center ourselves and take it easy.

Carmen McLean is a fantastic young artist who showcases her talent splendidly here. She plays the guitar with such heart and love. Carmen is one to watch on the UK soon and her calm style and intricate indie folk vibes are a wonder to the ears. Her soulful music adds a touch a class to a wild year.

Slow Down” is one of the most peaceful tracks you will hear in 2020.

Hear this peaceful track to heal those fears on Spotify.

Find out more about Carmen on her Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DEE WP’s ‘Slow Down’ Doesn’t Disappoint

Sometimes it takes a few listens to a song before you can fully formulate a full opinion on it. Other times, you can feel a song as soon as the first notes pump from the speakers. Slow Down by DEE WP is the latter and it doesn’t disappoint once the song gets going. These are powerful verses from a thoughtful voice and a beat that brings you along for the ride even if you’re not feeling the heavy vibes contained.

With a gorgeous string outro, this song shows the power of thematic instrumentals in a way that we don’t always get to see outside of the greats and some of hip hop’s classic artists. Here’s an artist who isn’t here to brag to you, but humbly delivers a message with remarkable talent. Without much flash, it’s possible that this song could get overlooked. We need to remember the power music can have when we’re alone. When the party’s over and lying in bed and we want to connect with something, DEE WP is the kind of artist that should come to mind. Look him up when you feel a need to Slow Down.