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Time Flies: Maplewood wants to lie in bed all afternoon on slow day

Showing us that if we get our minds right, anything is actually possible, Maplewood looks at the time fly with a special human who has changed everything on this slow day.

Maplewood is an indie Indian-American trio who started performing together just as this horrid pandemic begun and has various elements of Punjabi, Telugu, Gujarati, and more in their music.

Despite being scattered across the country, they live for the weekends that they’re all in the same city and can feed off each other’s energy.” ~ Maplewood

With a tight bond and a hugely likeable style, Maplewood reminds one of that closely linked band who will do anything to play together. Vocally genuine and with a foot-tapping delivery, this might be your new favorite track when you need to believe in romance again.

slow day from the Indian-American trio, Maplewood is a groovy delight that is perfect for when you just want to cuddle with your new lover. Sending us into a happy place that is filled with possibilities, this is a sweet song that will probably be stuck in your head for hours. Mixed with raps and vocals to get you clasping hands, to show us that innocent romance is always the best.

Sometimes you meet that person unexpectedly who makes everything better.

Listen to this lovely song on Spotify and check out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen