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“The Blast From The Other Side” Vizilo – Evnt Horizon Music Review

Okay, so what we have here is a three-minute spooky flavoured music in obeisance to a well-structured rhythmic bravado. The intro of the music is exceptionally enthralling to have your undivided attention and subconscious engulfed in its harmonic resonance and drift even at your first listen.

This creative piece from Vizilo exudes so much richness and resonating soothing sound to the ear with the pinch of a perfect line that was subtly repeated at every bridge.

Aside from the good music writing skills the trio possess, there’s also this scintillating voice that further added a whip-cream to the song by professionally taking the chorus of the song with apt adroitness. This is really that perfect prototype of the song that will definitely get your hands stuck on the repeat button whilst on the move or when travelling.

The first impression, they say sticks the longest. This trio hip-hop group from NZ that goes with the stage name Vizilo can be likened as the music cousin of Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi but with more height (LOL). Go ahead and check out “EVNT HORIZON” by Vizilo and you’ll be sure glad to have had the opportunity to have discovered their unalloyed sound.

This song could really be used as a tour/ music concert opener because it has this great surge of vanilla-avalanche that can get you transfixed to an entirely different realm where you will be left with no option other than to mumble along and move with the flows of the song.