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Big Twitch releases Mad Ting feat. Slick Bullet

Very Hip Hop and dangerously addictive, Big Twitch has dropped quite a hit with his new single Mad Ting featuring Slick Bullet.

Opening up with overlapping synth melodies and a sensual Reggaeton tempo that slowly sets forth the vibe, it feels almost impossible not to dance along with the rhythm while waving your limbs up and down and wining side to side.

You’ll be amazed by the production quality; especially for how the vocals neatly emerge from the background music. Those two fellas deserve some credit for how their voices meld together in a perfect both rap and melodic mix, achieving a R&B outcome that riles up the whole track.

Big Twitch was right: this one was a real mad ting.

Check out Mad Ting by heading over Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.