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Memories are frozen in my mind: Kevin Silvester feels the raw emotion on visuals for Be The One (feat. JVCQUI)

Intertwined into a mesmerizing story about finding out about a partner’s devilish infidelity, Kevin Silvester is rather dynamic in a saucy story about a romantic triangle which is cinematic-like on Be The One (feat. JVCQUI).

Kevin Silvester is a Melbourne, Australia-based 20-year-old indie electronic pop artist, music producer and DJ who is joined by the excellent singer JVCQUI.

With the 4th single taken from the much-awaited debut album Sleepwalker, classically trained pianist and cellist Kevin Silvester has dropped a rather exceptional effort on Be The One (feat. JVCQUI) and this is a must-listen for anyone who loves music and visuals with a real sentiment.

Be The One (feat. JVCQUI) from Melbourne, Australia-based electronic pop artist Kevin Silvester is a rather stunning effort from two souls who seem so connected. This is the dramatic story of a romance which seems tilted, as one heart wants it all, and one desires an extra element.

When you want it all, it’s best to see if it’s available before giving everything.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen