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Never Found The Right Key: Utah’s multi-talented Sky Olson still remembers the chords even though the love has faded away on ‘Wedding Song’

Taken off his brand new seven-track album called ‘Unsure Waters‘, Sky Olson sings with so much meaning and love on a track that will have you listening so intently with the ‘Wedding Song‘.

Sky Olson is a soulful indie folk/pop singer-songwriter from Logan, Utah. After previously being featured whilst sticking up for his friend with April’s ‘F*ck That Guy‘, we find him focusing on his own efforts to navigate the wild seas, with a sterling song here that sees him changing direction like a skilled sailor.

Using music as a way to journal his life struggles, Sky’s lyrics often speak about personal experiences. Having suffered from chronic illness, Sky uses his music as a healing process whilst also trying to spread a message of melancholic hopefulness.” – Sky Olson

With a peaceful voice that is stacked full of meaning, we open the door to see a singer on the rise personally again. He has put the pain behind him and sings with such glorious pureness, as each note is made with so much intent. A truly skilled performer, this feels like his moment to really shine and never look back at the past.

Wedding Song‘ from the talented Logan, Utah-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Sky Olson, shows us an artist who is dealing with the memory from the time that he thought would last forever. After careful reflection, he has realized that something wasn’t quite right and he feels refreshed now. He knows that he will find the right person who will mesh well with his spirit, so that the chords sound so beautifully in tune. Just like true love is meant to be.

Hear this new creation on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He’s A Bully: Sky Olson sticks up for her on ‘F*ck That Guy’

As he sticks up for his innocent friend who has been treated badly, Sky Olson sings with heightened determination on the new single called ‘F*ck That Guy‘.

Sky Olson is a new Utah-based multi-instrumentalist pop/folk/blues artist, who is finding his sound through a prolific start to his career, as he makes that honest music about love and living life in this wild world, that certainly keeps you on your toes.

This is the story about expressing his raw emotions to what what a horrible act from someone that is too big for their own boots, as he sings about his sweet friend with a heart of gold. He tells it how it is on a groovy song that has unexpected solos that capture your mind intently, entrenched with honest lyricism that has you moving your head to attention.

F*ck That Guy‘ from Utah’s multi-genre artist Sky Olson, is a snarky song about someone that really got on his wrong side, as he tells us how he made his friend cry and he isn’t taking this mean action lightly. He sings with real venom on a cleverly lathered ambiance of blues that sprinkles in some hip-hop for good measure.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and check out his IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen