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Skills Are Handy

‘Old Enough’ from Now Defunkt is an ode to the good times

Old Enough‘ from new act Now Defunkt is an ode to past as this is a fantastic new single release.

At the start of the current pandemic, 3 friends- Scott, Steve and James created a song with the expectation that they would simply release the track and then return back to normal life.

After the virus continued, the trio, with the help of their equally talented children and also some loyal friends- are releasing a full album titled ‘Skills Are Handy, Feel is Gold‘ under the name Now Defunkt. This is a good bunch of friends and family who are doing amazing things right now with their music. Sometimes music comes from strange times to help heal us.

Now Defunkt is a creative collective producing primordial sound-box of the soul shifts. With a summer sax vibe, there is lots of sexy people cruising on roller-blades here. This is the song that makes you remember good times, when you were free and not worrying about life.

What started as a simple song evolved into a whole new crew of music and this is one for memory lane. Now Defunkt¬†are a fresh group and ‘Old Enough‘ is a track that needs to be slipped on while with friends. This is an indie summer jam that makes everything feel okay again.

Hear more here on the YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen