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Skii Beeb offers smooth grooves and hedonistic high-vibes in their Hip Hop debut “Penny”

It is almost as though breaking US Hip Hop artist Skii Beeb knew exactly what the world needed to hear when they created their debut album “Penny”.

The 22-year-old artist may be a self-proclaimed Vibe God, but after hearing the standout seductively grooving single Mamba, we can definitely get onboard with their religion. The indulgently mellow, almost ambient beats leave plenty of room in the mix for Skii Beeb’s RnB-laced Rap bars which deliver the lyrics with playful hedonistic inclination. If anyone has what it takes to bring in the future of Hip Hop, we’d say it’s safe in Skii Beeb’s hands.

Whatever mood you’re in when you hit play on Mamba, it is sure to be made sweeter. You can practically class adding Skii Beeb’s tracks to your playlist as an act of self-care.

You can check out Skii Beeb’s debut album for yourselves by heading over to apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast