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Stay Loud! bolt up the volume with ‘One Shot’ (ft. Derek Nowak and Dylan Nowak)

Stay Loud! is a alt-punk rock band from Northeast in Pennsylvania and they return with the fun rock song called ‘One Shot‘.

This band is from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton in the USA that formed in 2016. They started out with a more traditional pop punk sound but developed more into other realms of rock such as punk, alternative and hardcore.

One Shot‘ is a fun song about how a night of drinking can get out of hand quickly. It is the bands first ska song and features Derek Nowak and Dylan Nowak on saxophone and trumpet to add to the mix here. This is a party song that is perfect to be played on all nights of the weekend.

The funny thing about the song is that it was written by accident. The band were in the middle of writing a completely different song and their bassist CJ was messing around with a ska bass line. Guitarist Gerry played an upstroke guitar riff to go along with the bass line then the drummer Jon rounded it out with his energetic drum playing. This song is their quickest written song in the growing discography.

Stay Loud! are currently in the pre-production process for a new album. If everything goes according to plan it should be out at some point in 2021. The album will be their most diverse sounding album so far.

One Shot’ is one of the most exciting songs from 2020 and Stay Loud! roll in with a real gem here. Fun music with all good intentions. This is what we need right now.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen