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Never Said Before: Australia’s Roses In Hand wants that special surprise on ‘Paradise’

With that comforting love flowing like a pacifying swim in the ocean that clears your body from all the frustrated toxins that can make us so edgy in this stressful world, Roses In Hand kindly brings us a piece of pure-tasting pop that has you happy again in ‘Paradise‘.

Roses In Hand is an Australia-based indie electro-pop duo who make the type of songs that we can all relate to, as we sing from the top of our lungs to their joyful tune.

Written about harnessing the mindset of finding peace in positivity, the uplifting single “Paradise”, serves as a reminder to find your worth.” ~ Roses In Hand

Roses In Hand are quite terrific on this catchy new single and hold us close to remind us that having that close connection with someone special is such a blessing, and should never be overlooked. There is real care and dynamic outpour on this sizzling track from an outfit that undoubtedly knows how to get our radiant smiles back in full form again.

From extensive travelling with their acoustic performances, Roses in Hand have been known for their lyrics of love, lust and struggles through beat-driven tempos and soulful melodies. With ear-catching performances and hook-heavy music, Roses In Hand have extended their sound with elements of modern pop, using electronic and acoustic instrumentation.” ~ Roses In Hand

Paradise‘ from the Australia-based indie electro-pop act Roses In Hand, is one of the more easygoing singles you will hear all year. There is so much love here and a positive vibe that transmits beautifully, to have your soul feeling so much warmer than before. With luscious vocals and a happy beat that has your whole body sensing that everything is going to be okay, this is a track to put on loud when you feel like you need a holiday from all the depressing news headlines.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen