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I Get Shivers: Sinooka drops a nifty delight to play loud all day called Shadowboxing

Space Jungle by Sinooka

Taken from the exciting 12-track debut album named Space Jungle, Sinooka tries to get far away from that sneaky shadow that just won’t go away despite the best efforts to vanquish its unwanted existence on Shadowboxing.

Sinooka is a New London, Connecticut indie alternative rock music band that was formed by Jules Parenteau and is now a 3-piece live act.

Their debut album, Space Jungle, is an eclectic homage to multiple musical moods.” ~ Sinooka describing the vision of the new project

Featuring an exceedingly likeable sound and witty lyrics to get you thinking deeper about how skilled the mind actually is, Sinooka leads us into a 50s-like bluesy-soul picture that shall get all ages dancing rather swiftly. Taking us on a captivating story about trying to hide away in the dark room away from those exasperating demons, which are trying to move in and take over everything when least expected.

Shadowboxing from New London, Connecticut indie alternative rock group Sinooka is a cleverly made release that so many will find so truthful. Sung with a glorious style and with a catchy beat that might get your fingers clicking, this is a track to play when you need to get rid of those pesky beasts.

When that permanent grin haunts you, it’s best to close your eyes and use your powers within to conquer anything holding you back from happiness.

Listen up on Bandcamp and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen