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Florida-based electronic artist SINNITEE drops a track to truly remember with ‘Blu’

Taken off his sizzling 5-track EP ‘crystals‘, SINNITEE transmits us into an outer space planet that is loaded with so many worthwhile prospects that will transform your life forever on ‘Blu‘.

HACKEEM aka SINNITEE is a 21-year-old experimental electronic artist who was born in Jamaica and is now based in Florida while being self-signed to his label, CYBERPOLLUTION.

I’ve been making music since 2018 and have recently seen a rise in listeners, mainly on Spotify since the start of this year.” ~ SINNITEE

Flourishing the previously damp airwaves with something rather uniquely excellent and sealed with a toe-tappin’ beat that shall infuse your mind like when you get that much-deserved raise at work, SINNITEE delivers with an exploratory experience to seduce the kitten to the milk with an ear-lovin’ single right up there with the best of 2022 so far.

Blu‘ from the Jamaican-born, Florida-based indie experimental electronic artist SINNITEE, is a wonderfully imaginative web of intrigue that shall send your whole enthused body into a whole new galaxy. The excellent production has you nodding your cap to this top-notch release, which might have you grooving rather briskly as you have just won the lotto. With a simply superb track to steam all unwanted anxieties away into the dust, this is a moment that electronic fans will find hard to forget.

Check out this buzzing track on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen