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That Thrilling Beat: West London hip-hop producer Saint Drilz has us looking over our shoulder on ‘Nightrider’ (Instrumental)

As he secretly slides in with a truly sinister beat that has so much late evening glow to it, Saint Drilz has us in an anxious daze with the latest mysteriously exciting track from his growing collection called ‘Nightrider(Instrumental).

Saint Drilz is an absorbing West London, England hip-hop producer. He expertly makes those classic old school beats that has your mind in a reflective drive that pierces through your thoughts, and circulates into your consciousness within.

This is that rare beat full of underground quality that pumps you full of much-needed alertness — as you pull your rain-swept hoodie over your head and walk straight ahead — ignoring any distracting noises around but keeping the corner of your eyes on full alert, for any potential mishaps that might await when you least expect it.

Nightrider(Instrumental) from the potent West London producer Saint Drilz, shows us into the dark-lit evening that shows so much promise, yet is filled with sketchy alley corners that can lead you to places that are hard to get out of. The needle-like accuracy of this sharp edged single is one that will have you looking around with intrepid anticipation, and might cause your veins to be a bit fuller than usual.

Hear this top notch beat on Spotify and see the IG music page for more mystery.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen