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Pick up Burlington’s latest alt-indie-pop hit, Summer’s Calling

We convince ourselves that we are complex creatures, but really, we’re not that much more complicated than leaves for the way we thrive in the sun and when we’re sucked into sun-soaked hits, such as the latest single from Burlington, Summer’s Calling.

The alt-indie pop earworm exudes those hazy sweet summer feel-good vibes through the soulfully imploring vocals atop the jangly, angular indie-pop melodies that are just as sweet as the euphoric hooks Marr has crafted in his decorated career.

The sense of soul and the musicality is one thing. The massive production, which comes through Burlington’s experience as a house producer, is another thing entirely. Mumford & Sons, eat your heart out.

You can soak up the rays for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast