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Tim Kohler has released their archaically avant-garde pop hit ‘Typewriter’

While many artists play it safe by allowing synths, guitars or piano keys to take the lead, archaic pop singer-songwriter, Tim Kohler boldly opted to create a ‘cello-driven love tribute’ with their latest single, Typewriter which was released on February 12th.

Even though Kohler’s influences reach as far back as the 40s and the visceral pulls of the cello strings fill the soundscape with a theatrically cutting edge, the massive hooky choruses could give contemporary mainstream pop earworms a run for their money.

If you love pop which comes with an avant-garde twist, Typewriter will be just your type(set). The Dresden Dolls definitely have new competition.

You can listen to Typewriter via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.