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California-based The Artist Ren releases hugely creative debut track, ‘Not The Clones!’

Wondering if things are actually what they seem or a fragment of her vividly innovative imagination, The Artist Ren hopes that she can find her real self in the rubble of the copies with her awesome debut single, ‘Not The Clones!‘.

Lauren V aka The Artist Ren is a 16-year-old Simi Valley, California-based indie singer-songwriter who is new on the scene and has dropped a memorable first single.

Soaring into our consciousness with a crisp single that is loaded with mystery and sonic synergy that will take you into a different universe, The Artist Ren displays her growing artistry with a rather fine song that might get you wondering what is real or not. With her likeable style and luscious voice, there is much to marvel at here to click your fingers with, as we are introduced to a clearly inventive creative who is going to do things her way.

Not The Clones!‘ from the youthful Simi Valley, California-based indie singer-songwriter The Artist Ren is a fresh debut from an artist who has made a catchy track to intrigue our appetites. The lyrical structure is rather dynamic and you can tell that she has loads of potential, to stand above the rest who are also seeking our attention. Vocally, there is a supercharge here that gets you turning up the volume to high, to soak in a musician who is surely set for big things if she can avoid all the tempting distractions around.

Listen up to this fantastic new single on Spotify and see more via her website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen