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Come Back Home: Splendid new Boston rock band Silvirtongue know what they want on ‘Heartstrings’

Taken off their much-awaited upcoming debut EP, Silvirtongue skillfully tell us the true story of wanting that loved soul to be present right next to your caring eyes again as there is so much more to say on ‘Heartstrings‘.

Silvirtongue is a promising Boston, Massachusetts-based four-piece alt-rock band. They are a new act who have been working hard over this supremely challenging last year, and power in with a sterling effort that needs our attention.

Inspired by classic bands such as Radiohead, Oasis, The Pixies, Pearl Jam, U2, The Cure and The Police, you feel their quality throughout this absolute gem. After a few seconds you quickly realize that this is a specially brewed band, who are oozing natural class without trying overly hard.

The band formed when things got tough for all of us at the start of 2020. With some original works already lined up, band vocalist and bassist (Cozzo) reached out to some musician friends both new and old (Kelleher, Colarusso, McGuirk). Within a years time they were writing collectively, and have been ever since.” – Silvirtongue

You hear such clearly intention-filled vocals here that are backed up by a sensational sound, who seem to get it all right with ease. Your head seems to nod organically and there is so much pureness here – nothing is ever rushed unnecessarily – as you sit back and admire such cleverly penned lyrics, that seems to mesh perfectly with the mood at hand.

Heartstrings‘ from the booming Boston alt-rockers Silvirtongue, is the movie-like story about wanting to be with someone so bad, as you had feelings back in the old days at school. There is something there that you can’t stop thinking about it, and you want to be close, so you can find out exactly what it is. This is a fantastic track that will certainly have your heart beating with so much energy, and is one of the most exciting releases from 2021.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen