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MYLO BYBEE painted a mindful melodic rock masterpiece with their exposition of tainted free will in Master & Machine

The Idaho aural assassins, MYLO BYBEE, fired all the right melodic rock shots in their heaviest single to date, Master & Machine.

The angst-driven title single from their forthcoming LP traverses the scarcely-spoken-of-subject of how everything we do societally, personally, professionally, and artistically is impacted by someone else pulling the strings to spark deep contemplation on the issue of free will.

Even Sam Harris would have a field day with the exposition on how every good intent is blighted by societally parasitic phenomena, such as greed, corruption and misogyny. Master & Machine may hit hard, but after getting the ennui out of the way, the rest of the LP allows hope to permeate the bleakness of our current global landscape.

The collision between alt-rock and indie unravels with a rhythmic magnetism that fans of Death Cab for Cutie, Manchester Orchestra and Silversun Pickups will be organically drawn to. Reminiscences aside, there are no parallels to how Tyler Schlagenhauf melodically commands his vocal lines and contorts them into compassion-sharpened hooks.

Stream Master & Machine, released via ZMI Arcadia Recordings, on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Ivins – Bloom: Affably Sonic Indie Alt Rock from Nashville with Love

The Ivins stirred up the Nashville sound with their Funk-riding take on Indie Alt Rock through their latest single ‘Bloom’. Expect sonic nuance and melodic angular hooks which will leave you lacerated as you fall into the sticky-sweet nectar which drips from their affably accessible sound.

With soaring choruses, tenderly imploring vocals which share the same soul-stroking propensity as the likes of Silversun Pickups, you can’t help getting engrossed by the familiar yet discernibly fresh mix of modern Indie and the timeless tones of the Alt 90s.

It’s hard to feel pessimisic about the future of the music industry when artists such as The Ivins offer such adrenalizing vitality in their sound. Get them on your radar.

Bloom is available to stream via Spotify.

Find out more about how The Ivins are disrupting the Nashville Rock scene with their sonic sound by heading over to their website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast