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Central Pennsylvania ALT Rock band Silver Lights impress with summer love video to popular single ‘’Odd Name’’

Things are alright but I’m feeling overwhelmed. Do you feel like that a lot of the time? Summer love can be absolutely incredible but when it ends, you can easily feel rock bottom really fast. 

ALT Rock band Silver Lights have been making moves for a while now, building up their name and were on a great run before COVID-19 struck. After only forming in September 2018, this beautifully real video directed by Kurt Fowles of Sirius Cinema, has made a decent splash in the US with almost ten thousand views. For a newish indie band in a flooded market, this is great going.

Here’s hoping for more top releases from this fun band that have a lot of potential with their solid sound and real lyrics. I’ll personally be keeping an eye for them and could easily see them opening for someone like SUM 41 in the near future- if they keep up this style of music.

Find out more about ‘Silver Lights’ and their summer love on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen