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Show Me The Light

Yearning for her again: Soulful South Jersey songwriter DCP sings with such love on ‘Show Me The Light’

DCP sends the world a peaceful indie story to be reflective to, on the caring new single taken off his 2020 released six-track EP called ‘Show Me The Light‘.

South Jersey, USA indie-folk singer-songwriter DCP is a genuine musician, who performs with a natural style that calmly sends the world good energy and love during these trying pandemic-ridden apocalyptic times. This is an artist whose only aim is to bring us contemplative soundscapes, that truly helps you get to tomorrow with a smile on your face.

”My aim is to create music that helps distract people from the craziness of everyday life.”-DCP

With a caring voice that transmits only true intentions to see her sweet smile again, this is an indie-folk journey to finding the path to be together again when the road opens up freely so you can finally be in each others arms again.

Show Me The Light‘ from peaceful South Jersey singer-songwriter DCP, is a pure track to play when you are missing that special person in your life and need reassurance that you will be together again.

When you need guidance is this ever-changing world, thinking about that sweet soul that can open the door and show you where the sunshine lives, makes you smile and feel cared for again. Being distracted from the news and what’s going on in the world- is the best and only way to live, without being paranoid and overly anxious all the time.

Hear this introspective single on Spotify and follow the music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen