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Brand New Day: Calgary band Lÿnx look into the shaky mirror and ‘Shout Out Loud’

Formerly known as Lazer Blade and powered by Bullzhorn Records, Lÿnx used this horrific pandemic to reform, refocus and re-energize, and show us what they have been up to on ‘Shout Out Loud‘.

Lÿnx is a fiery Calgary, Canada-based 80’s-inspired hard-rock/glam-metal four-piece band formed by Lazer, Blade, Fangs and Flash. With a rip-roaring sound that is full of that old school fire and ferocious vocals, they make that rare sound that was ridiculously popular back in the day.

The sound is so rampaging and full of impressive energy – as they rip down the mic and shred the speakers off their hinges – they are full-on and smash in hard with a classic vibe throughout.

Shout Out Loud‘ from the uniquely inspiring Calgary, Canada-based glam-metal/hard-rock act Lÿnx, is the vivid story about trying your best to get through the day, as you need so much love from the stresses of life and nasty bills that need to be paid. This is that volume-raised-to-the-max track that needs to be heard on full, so you can get through your day and feel so much better for getting out the inner frustrations.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen