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Chasing Sanity: Nepal-born Sumnima Rai finds the path away from the doubts with the electric female anthem ‘She’

With her trusty black boots on tight and her camouflage hoodie hiding her hair away from the cold day, Sumnima Rai sends us a message of hope that tells us you can achieve anything you set your mind to despite the unforeseen hurdles on ‘She‘.

Sumnima Rai is a Napal-born, New York-based indie pop/EDM singer-songwriter and YouTuber. She makes that absorbing type of soundscape that has you feeling like you can walk through that door and into a new world of progression, for the soul to heal with.

Dedicated to all the fighters and dreamers who are focused on their journey and who rise above their falls, failures and betrayals.” – Sumnima Rai

You feel her highly emotion-filled lyrics that show she has been fighting the demons to find a way out from her own thoughts, as she now finds the positive path that will have her smiling again. Her stunning voice is striking and mixed with that distinctive EDM beat, this is a sterling single that will have you feeling rather reflective.

She‘ from the Nepal-born YouTuber and indie pop/EDM singer-songwriter Sumnima Rai, shows us a woman on a mission to make sure that we all stay inspired in this scary world. This wonderfully self-aware singer grips our attention with a fiery track that has you feeling so invigorated again. The passion is swarming from her eyes as he remembers the heartbreak and the broken glass – her determined and almost-healed mind is now made up –  that she can conquer this moment to lead out from within the darkness forever.

See this top new music video on YouTube and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen