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Told Me She Loved Me: Des Moines rapper Scoobee Oh Boy (feat. Ty Walker) can’t believe she cheated on him with a former homie on ‘She Lying’

Shot By TroyBoyTheBeast, Scoobee Oh Boy (feat. Ty Walker) is utterly distraught and completely disgusted that his ex would play around behind his back with a guy who he valued once as a friend on ‘She Lying‘.

Scoobee Oh Boy is an Ivory Coast-born Des Moines, Iowa-based indie hip-hop artist. From the gold-domed capital city known for Insurance companies, he is a motivated artist who wants to morph Africa and the USA together through the language of music.

You feel his memory go back to the time when he bought her a couch and wonders if the guilty duo were together romantically on it, as his voice shows the distrust he has gained now due to this traumatic event. Rapped with a vicious intent and combined with a busty beat on a well-shot video, this is a track that has your mind going frenetically back to that moment you just knew that something was off and smelt like sour milk in your all-knowing palate.

She Lying‘ from the Des Moines, Iowa-based Scoobee Oh Boy (feat. Ty Walker), is that true story of feeling so empty inside your whole body after being let down badly by someone you loved so much. He feels the pain deep down like a knot in his stomach that won’t go away, as he raps with an ominous conviction of making sure that this will never happen again. This is a break-up track with an emotionally-charged artist – who is still in utter disbelief over being lied to – when he thought everything was going so perfectly.

Sometimes you need to vent out the pain, so that you may return to your former self again.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out more views on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen