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Shannon calls time in her latest single, For Now.


If you’ve been noticing the lingering sense of anxiety in the air, you will also note the timeliness of the Folk singer-songwriter Shannon’s single, For Now. The lyrics advocate for self-care while the instrumentals strip the weight from your shoulders with the blissful tones and compassionate melodies.

The bedroom-recorded single that is due for release on October 1st was remotely produced by Rachel Still who discernibly brought plenty of collaborative chemistry to the euphorically soulful, celestially layered single.

In the prelude, there’s a dreamy sense of nostalgia as Shannon exudes the grace of a 1950s chanteuse; as the single progresses, it soulfully picks up modernism on the way.

Check out For Now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Feelings Won’t Change: East London’s Shannon sings lovingly from the heart on exquisite new crush-filled single ‘But He’s There’

As she nervously twists her curly hair in his presence and giggles at his jokes, Shannon was over him for a while, ‘But He’s There‘ again and her bursting heart wishes he would feel the same.

Shannon is an enchanting East London, England-based solo indie modern-folk singer-songwriter, who tells us sweet stories about love and life in this complex world, that can take your heart for a wild ride full of ups and downs, if you let it control you.

”The lyrics reveal inner thoughts of uncertainty about stepping out of one’s comfort zone to fulfill an exciting idea of love. As the song builds, the story unfolds and reflects the fantasy for a closer relationship.”- Shannon

You hear her feelings for her best friend rise and rise, the idea is firmly planted in her curious head as she listens closer and looks deeper and deeper into his eyes. Her stunning voice reflects that true love and she hopes that someday (soon), he will realize that she is actually the one for him too.

But He’s There‘ from the captivating East London singer-songwriter Shannon, is a cute story about how your fondness for a real friend can really cloud your mind. You love them dearly and the lines between lovers and friends is so close in your consciousness, but is it the same for them?

Sometimes you can’t be with someone even if you wish it so, the world has other ideas and even though it hurts real deep inside, the lesson taken is that you need to let things come to you spontaneously. The heartbreaking anguish is too sore to bare otherwise.

Stream this carefully crafted love letter on Spotify and see her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen