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Shanghai Restoration Project


Shanghai Restoration Project (SRP) is an electronic music duo based in the hip borough of Brooklyn, NYC.  Their sound is engaging and direct, yet thought-proving and experimental in nature.

The pair’s recent studio single is a track titled “Alpha Go”, which is actually featured on the duo’s recent full-length album R.U.R.

According to the musicians themselves, this ambitious 13-tracks release is a reflections on the current state of affair in the world, highlighting the band’s fondness for technology, thought-provoking social themes and more. The album is actually a concept album with a sci-fi twist, setting an intriguing scenario: what will happen when robots, in the not-too-distant future will re[lace humans? “Alpha Go” is the opening track of the the album, and it is a perfect mood-setter, highlighting the band’s fondness for a direct, punchy and charismatic blend of electronic music. The beats are present and thick, while the melodies are often lush and textural, showcasing a kaleidoscopic approach to songwriting and composition.

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