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Remembering those memorable moments in the day: ‘Back Then Back When’ from Shaney Poo (ft. Zakiyyah) shows us how to respect the past

Shane Alexander aka Shaney Poo is a Boston based, Haitian-American artist, songwriter, actor and producer who is back with his brand new track ‘Back Then Back When’ (ft. Zakiyyah). This riveting release is solely intended as a message of growth, hope and positive energies for a better world that has been closed up and dragged down to the sewers of sludge and darkness.

Released off B.L.A.C Pop Music, this is a fusion of pop, zouk, rap, soul, and kompa, all interwoven into one style by the artist and former house party host. This is a man who did what he needed to do in order to stay out of trouble from the tough streets of Boston, that have claimed many a good soul to its poisoned web of crime and easy temptation.

After changing his music style recently, due to facing many personal experiences such as the loss of family members and friends, this has made the latest music output more of an introspective deep look inside his soul and the maturity shows here.

The vocals from both singers are quite excellent and the rhythm of the track is stupendously executed. There is so much to like here as the lyrics are heartfelt and genuine. The story of how some of the crew didn’t make it, but the ones that did, are around and making it in life. Reminiscing about the past brings you back to the old days for a few moments and you pour one out for the lost souls. The beat is marvelous and this is a quality music video.

Sometimes you have to move back a bit to move forward and this is the message here. Respecting what happened in the past but also keeping an eye on the now and future is the only way to go otherwise you get wrapped up in what could of happened.

Shaney Poo shows the world his music appeal on ‘Back Then Back When’ (ft. Zakiyyah). This is a motivated artist who can do it all and just needs to be patient, build up brick by brick and the right person will emerge to take his career to the next level. Rome wasn’t built in a day they say.

See the visuals via Shane’s YouTube and follow how his career progresses on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen