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Seven Layer Piano Cakes

Nostalgia and neo-classic nuance drive Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ latest emotionally-charged synth-led indie single, Remy

Seven Layer Piano Cakes

From the first deep dive into the sticky-sweet indie magnetism in Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ latest synth-pop single, Remy, we were hooked. If you fused the cool edges of Interpol onto the retro bliss of Grandaddy, the sonic result still wouldn’t be as sweet.

In the infectiously ardent chorus, you’re caught up in a spacey impassioned bop-worthy feat of synth-pop. In the spaces between, you’re arrested by the cuttingly angular indie guitars that blaze around the consistently evolving synths. From playful polyphonic tones to deep grounding notes, the classically trained pianist and harmonically-blessed vocalist plays with them all in the intricate layers of his complex signature sound.

Each new release, Seven Layer Piano Cakes (Justin Hoyt), leaves us even more assured that he is one of the most exciting names to have entered the LA music scene as an independent artist in recent years. His nuanced neo-classic tendencies paired with his ability to make his music as evocative as any of the most revered ‘emo’ artists is a potent combination. With his humbly affectionate charisma, he’s almost the antithesis to every virtuoso that has existed before him. Naturally, we can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Remy will be available to stream from February 4th. It will be available to stream via YouTube, and Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Seven Layer Piano Cakes gives melodic metalcore a classical touch with ‘Middlegame’

Seven Layer Piano Cakes

Last year, Seven Layer Piano Cakes appeared on our radar with their dreamy feat of indietronica ‘The Patriarch’, leaving us enamoured yet ridiculously underprepared for his latest release ‘Middlegame’.

The 00s emo kid in me can scarcely deal with the feisty alchemy which spills when a classically trained pianist tackles a melodic metalcore style which wouldn’t be out of place on an old school Bring Me the Horizon album.

With Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ neo-classic keys combined with the harsh snares which smack under sinister synth-lines, Middlegame is practically overwhelming – especially when the guitars start to slash the soundscape with angularly absorbing notes.

Listen to Seven Layer Piano Cakes on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Slip into the choral indietronica tones in Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ latest release ‘Patriarch’

With the evocative sensibilities of Thrice, the harmoniously enrapturing pull of The Beach Boys and the neo-psych dreampop inclinations of Beach House, ‘Patriarch’, the title single from Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ EP was never going to fall flat.

We’ve all had plenty more time to get in touch with our emotions recently, Patriarch will ensure that it is time well spent as it acts as an efficacious dreampop guide to meditative affable reflection. With the lyrical sparsity, there are plenty of opportunities to sit back and drink in the choral indietronica tones with a sense of optimism instilled by the harmoniously layered instantly enamouring feat of pop.

Seven Layer Piano Cakes is the project of LA law professor and attorney, Justin Hoyt. With his eclectic array of influences and his aptitude with atypical chord progressions and consoling vocal charisma, there’s very little getting in his way as a breaking artist. Get him on your radar.

Patriarch is available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast