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That Empty Feeling: Minneapolis singer-songwriter Michael Miller wonders through that house of past memories on ‘Like a Ghost’

Swapping out his heavy metal addiction to vividly show us more of his sweet sensitive side, Michael Miller breezes in with his hair gelled back to perfection, on his new single called ‘Like a Ghost‘.

Twin Cities-based (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) indie singer, producer and songwriter Michael Miller, leads us into his new exciting life away from the old band days, with a fresh sound full of mysterious intrigue, to tickle your curious senses into action once again.

He sings with so much regret as the relationship was so happy and full of life, until things flipped like a switch going off forever, the lights went dark for good and you are left wondering why you said what you did, as it turned out the opposite to what you had actually envisaged.

Like a Ghost‘ from Minneapolis solo indie-rock/electro artist Michael Miller, is the story of wondering what could of been, as you ponder what happened before and gaze into the dust-filled room, that once had so much love and romantic life inside it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen