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Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps refuses to let anyone have that power on ‘Fuck You’

Taken off the 4-track EP called ‘The Devil’s in the Details‘, Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps shows the small-minded folks out there that they need to venture far away as their words are not welcome here on ‘Fuck You‘.

Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps is a Portland, Oregon-based vaudevillian-leaning five-piece music collective that is led by the dynamically enigmatic vocalist/burlesque performer, Scarlet Siren.

This genre-defying troupe of musicians loves to push boundaries with their cabaret-style performances. By blending a wide palette of sonic textures including psychedelic rock, blues, and jazz, The Howlin’ Tramps have concocted a style uniquely their own dubbed Psychedelic Swing.” ~ Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps

Bringing us that foot-tapping groove that has you in a nostalgic mood as you wonder why you let that person bring you down for too long, Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps show us their quality here with a brooding mood that isn’t taking that nonsense from others ever again.

Fuck You‘ from Portland, Oregon-based Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps is a stunning single that shows you where the strength comes from if you are feeling so down from being with someone who didn’t support you at all. With a deeply rooted vibe that takes you into that time when you wish you had – or did – show the middle finger to a past shadow who is now far in the distance. With a defiant tone, this is an anthem for anyone who needs to grit their teeth and get into the right mindset again.

Life is all about being around those who are going to elevate you, not bring you down.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen