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Sauga City Summer

Brendy is back with his new school-filled ‘Sauga City Summer’ single and this is a brooding Hip Hop track.

Brendy is back with the nicely portrayed new school-filled ‘Sauga City Summer‘ single and this is a soothing & brooding Hip Hop track.

Brendy is from Mississauga, Canada and performs with a real cool style, the vocals consistent always, with the long signature hair flowing so smoothly like the new song.

You miss them so much when they are so far away. You were together in December and things were incredible. Now you are so far away from each other and things can be tough with the long distance. You are worried that by messaging so much you are coming across as needy and that is worrying you. All you want is for you two to be together, then everything will be okay again.

Brendy sings and raps with sublime skill on ‘Sauga City Summer‘. This is a new wave of Hip Hop artists that are starting to gain much attention due to their much-growing popularity in the music scene. With a sound that keeps you hooked, you reminisce while listening to this new track and remembering similar moments in your life. This is much to chill with, think about and will get your head bobbing. This is a new name to keep a close eye on.

Stream here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen