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Samwell James – Yeah No Absolutely: Sad Boy Music On Lock!

Samwell says on his Spotify account that he writes sad boy music, but his latest release ‘Yeah No Absolutely’ has a strangely happy-go-lucky vibe that is endearing. The twinkling piano hook is romantic and whimsical. The background vocals are otherworldly, and his vocals remind you of the boy next door who doesn’t realise he looks like a Calvin Klein model!

Far from feeling sad, ‘Yeah No Absolutely’ is a day-dreamy story of loves twists and turns told from a young mans perspective. The beat is young and fresh, and only adds to the lyric, creating an ethereal framework for a curiously happy profusion of young love, loss, pursuit, and reverie. Samwell James is one to watch out for. While everyone else seems to be brushing off and resuscitating old hip-hop ideas, he is generating new ones and forging a delightful new path for himself. This really is a fully formed young artist with vocal, beat-making, and instrumental skills to die for.

Don’t take our word for it! Have a listen for yourself here on Spotify and tell us what you think in the comments below. Enjoy.

Review by Susan Harriott