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Alen Chicco delivered the ultimate debauched dance-pop anthem with ‘killer on this beat’

Ru Paul may reign Glamazon supreme, but if anyone has what it takes to snatch that crown, it is Alen Chicco with his electrifyingly debauched dance-pop anthem, killer on this beat, taken from his sophomore EP, UNCONTROLLABLE. With bass-drenched harsh techno breaks built to death drop to around the sticky-sweet pop melodies, the progressive dance hit, ironically given the name, has what it takes to make any dancefloor come alive.

The Lithuanian singer-songwriter has been dubbed one of the most controversial artists in his country for his tendency to smash through the hegemonic mould with his edgy hook-rife pop hits and flawlessly fierce drag aesthetic, which he introduced to his home country by appearing on X Factor.

He made history as the first Lithuanian drag act to step onto the stage, and clearly, he’s not done with his entries into the history books with his iconic influence that has endured through his music career, which kicked off in 2018 when he launched his debut single.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Christopher Ambrose has released his Pride pop anthem, ‘To Feel Love’

NYC pop singer-songwriter Christopher Ambrose has been creating and producing for almost a decade; he’s produced tracks for the drag icon Honey Davenport (Ru Paul’s Drag Race, S.11), Robert Garcia, Jayce Vegas, and plenty more high-profile names. If you’re not previously acquainted with his energetically emboldening sound, his 2021 pride pop anthem, To Feel Love, is the perfect introduction.

If you could imagine Carly Rae Jepson, Years and Years and Ru Paul all aurally rolled into one, you will get an idea of the sticky-sweet luxurious feel that To Feel Love effortlessly exudes. The noisy synths cut across tropic pop beats to create the perfect platform for Christopher Ambrose’s upliftingly light vocals that inspire self-love and authenticity in times of uncertainty.

To Feel Love is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

KARMAA gives Ru Paul a run for their money with the queer Alt Pop anthem “Werkk”

KARMAA has dropped plenty of fresh danceable feats of Alt-Pop, but the best introduction to their magnetically fierce sound is their single Werkk. It gives Ru Paul’s empoweringly queer hits a run for their money.

Boomers and bigots may not appreciate the high vibe, but anyone whose mind isn’t closing in on itself will appreciate the aural call for confidence and unity amongst the queer community.

With elements of Hip Hop weaved into the Pop mix, there’s plenty of conviction behind the lyrics and you’ll get just as much energy from the trancey EDM beats.

You can check out KARMAA’s single Werkk for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast