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Roses for The Wilted

That Heartbreak: Heather Mall writes a love letter to herself to help the healing process on ‘Roses for The Wilted’

As she carefully dries her soaked pillow and wonders if she is overreacting, Heather Mall knows that there were some good moments but its time to end this game and move on with the exquisitely sung single ‘Roses for The Wilted‘.

Heather Mall is a Chicago-based indie Pop singer-songwriter. She has over seven years of experience performing in different genres such as classical, jazz, acappella and musical theater.

Heather’s music travels through the emotions that embody the human experience and reminds you of what it’s like to feel alive and present.” ~ Heather Mall

She sings with such a delicate style that is so inspiring and deep for the heart to remember. You don’t want this feeling to happen again and vow to be stronger, as you dry your eyes and tell yourself that this is the last time. There is much to love about an artist who performs about real stories, that have made her armor a fortress and indestructible from future heartbreak.

Roses for The Wilted‘ from the Chicago-based indie Pop solo artist Heather Mall, is a beautifully projected love letter from a simply excellent musician with soul. This is a sad and emotional message about that love you wrapped yourself deep into and got badly burnt – by someone who didn’t mean to hurt you – but did anyway, as you pick up the pieces and say goodbye to an end of a story you wish turned out better.

See this incredible single on YouTube and see more news via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen