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The heartfelt hip-hop innovator KNG JMZ is on luminary form in his originality-enmeshed hit, WASH


Rocksteady roots music rips through the intro to the latest alt-hip-hop stormer, WASH, from the artist KNG JMZ, who is making short work of rising from the underground with his killer lines, archetype-smashing instrumentals and infectious vocal energy.

Once the rap bars are in full flow, KNG JMZ contrasts the originality-enmeshed beats with his steady flows that will easily arrest the rhythmic pulses of any Run the Jewels fans. But if you’re looking for an assimilative artist, look far beyond this indie rapper who finds his inspiration from the dynamic culture hip-hop represents.

After being born and raised in Winnipeg, experiencing his fair share of hardship, and learning the joys of perseverance, KNG JMZ curated an ethos out of making all his content heartfelt. You scarcely need his bio to affirm that; tune into the evocatively convictive introspective wit in WASH and hear it for yourself.

WASH will officially drop on March 31. Check it out on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast