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JORGE doesn’t want his heart to be shipwrecked any longer on No No No

Sensing the pain that engulfed her heart for too long as the tears flowed, JORGE hopes that their sweet love may be reunited again on the catchy anthem that is No No No.

JORGE aka George Papagheorghe is a Romania-based indie-pop artist, family man and TV host with a vocal pedigree that might shake your earlobes awake.

Known as one of the most charming and charismatic men in Romania, Jorge gained his success through his music and television career.” ~ JORGE

After excelling in various musicals such as Romeo and Juliet, JORGE shows us his brilliantly ear-catching ways with a masterful performance. After feeling so bad for what had occurred before, he shows us the way to spark that faded love up again through a sensation song to lift your mood with.

No No No from Romania-based indie-pop artist and TV host JORGE is a delightful effort made by a world class talent. Showing deep self-reflection and a desire to be together with his lover again, it is hard to forget this song. He has a rare ability to capture your imagination and take you places you have been before, like a true professional can. Laced with quality and an ear-warmer to embrace with, wanting that former romantic partner has never sounded so good before.

Turn your volume up on Spotify and see his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moving on from relationship dysfunction: Edith is totally ‘Over It’ on breakup pop anthem

She fell for their charms but Edith is now ‘Over It‘, as she saw past their shallowness and is now onto bigger and better things.

Edith Farcas aka Edith, is a fast-rising Romanian-born, London, England-based indie synth-pop singer-songwriter, who sings with a cutting edge and young abandon, that energizes the room and makes music that reflects growing up in the big city, while dealing with growing pains of how long love can be so complicated.

This is the story of young love and how you had some fun experiences with them but ultimately. you saw through their games and have decided to put the phone down for good. They showed you what was more important to them and it wasn’t you that seemed to be a priority.

She sings with such young grace and growing elegance despite this sad story. Her vocals sweep into your mind and you can’t help but celebrate with her, as he projects an independent woman, who now knows what she wants out of a relationship.

Over It‘ from London’s fresh indie-pop singer Edith, is a message that she has realized that she needed to end things quickly, before she was left with more disappointment to handle.

When your heart knows, your heart just knows. Being with someone that isn’t fully invested in you is a heartbreaking experience but the sooner you move on, the better it will be for you long-term. If you are going through the motions, you know that you are definitely over it and fresh experiences await you.

Stream this exciting new single on her Spotify and find out more from this stylish artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen