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North Blood shows us the lonely emotions in honest detail with official video for Postman’s Whistle

Taken from their upcoming debut album called Rolling Doves, North Blood are at their genuine best with the stunning visuals of a mental health trauma so many have felt over the last few years via Postman’s Whistle.

North Blood is a 4-piece indie band from the calming lands of beautiful Lancashire who have recently dropped their first single Supermarket Flowers.

On our first practice, we realised we had something that excited us all and wanted to pursue further.” ~ Mick Bates and DRL

Hiding away the tears and watching the post stack up as the dirty plates start to crack under the strain, North Blood have made a relatable single which guides us through the terrible times that we all wish we could forget. Honestly, this is a great song and the video backs it up. Please call a friend who you have seen for a while as life is so fragile.

Postman’s Whistle from the Lancashire-based indie band North Blood is the truth. The bone-shaking truth. With a vocally serene aura and bringing us a catchy rhythm, this is a quality effort from experienced artists who get it. They’ve been around and know what the vibe is. Scintillating is one word to use. Hauntingly beautiful could be another way to describe this effort.

See this fine video on YouTube and take a break from the real world.

Check out their IG page for more news and views.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen