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Hot Like A Toaster: London’s Unique Hastings steams up the night with the sultry cool ‘Rollercoaster’

Flipped hot off the heat-filled pan from his new much-anticipated ‘Sleeping Giant‘ album, UK artist Unique Hastings roars into life like a hungry Lion ready to eat on the exciting new single that swirls confidently into your mind called ‘Rollercoaster‘.

Unique Hastings is a worldwide respected and established London, England-based hip-hop/RnB artist and music producer. He makes that type of relevant music which has you grooving along, each word is meaningful and nothing is ever wasted down the sewers.

He raps with such cutting edge precision and the ultimate destination is known like a real pro – as he sizes up the crowd – and gives us a real demonstration on how things need to be done. The mellow beat has you moving your head rather nicely, the visuals capture the mood perfectly, as he impresses her with his wordplay.

Rollercoaster‘ from London RnB/hip-hop artist, fiercely indie musician and music producer Unique Hastings, is that simmering glimmer of classy suggestive warm summer breezy eye-winking brilliance, with those fresh shades on to match. He smoothly flows through this tasty track that shows his underground greatness, everything is so effortless and to the point without unnecessary sleaze. The sign of a true wordsmith indeed.

See this new music video with a virtual experience twist on YouTube and follow his IG for further developments.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen