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Show Me Your Wild Side: Fluid Florida rapper Alex hotboxes in the rover with ‘Roll Up’

As he chills calmly with her snug right next to him in his comfy ride, Alex twists the bars together to have us smokin’ with joy on his new track called ‘Roll Up‘.

Alex Hughes aka Alex, is a focused Sarasota, Florida-based rapper and father. He makes that catchy music that has you nodding your head and tapping your toes, as you turn up the volume to catch each lyric in its prime.

His music career started when he was playing lead guitar and vocals for a few punk rock bands at the young age of 16. As time passed he grew and developed into an independent and well rounded artist for multiple genres.” – Alex

This is the story about cheekily speaking to each other with a massive smile – the flirting is at an all-time high as you chill in the car together with 420 blazing freely – as you keep things light and have the time of your life.

With a bouncy beat and freshly flowed bars that turns the cold air into hot energy as you spark up the sound, this is a top track full of mainstream appeal.

Roll Up‘ from the determined Sarasota, Florida-based hip-hop artist Alex, is a journey-filled new single that has you thinking about that special person who you feel so comfortable with. You laugh at each others jokes and everything seems so relaxed, as you gaze into each others eyes and wonder if this is the best you have ever felt romantically.

Things can be so simple sometimes and this is when you should embrace the moment, to never ever let it go.

Stream this fire new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen