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Roi L’Orange – The Deep Sea EP: Only For The Brave

The Deep Sea EP is a 6 track wonder brought to you by Hip Hop Rap master Roi L’Orange which was dropped earlier in October this year. The beat behind every track is absolutely relentless with lyrical style that would leave Eminem’s head spinning. Lucid beats hold steady ground as the rhythmic bliss flows to provide one of the most intense rap experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

For me, the stand out track on the EP has to be Heavy Metal, it’s a genre mash of a hit, that would make for the transition for metal fans to start their Hip Hop journey with. There are no words to encapsulate just how enigmatic this track is and do the artist justice. I was stumped to learn that it was the artists debut EP. The LA based artist boasts a humble, yet effortless talent which flows throughout the duration, with no two tracks the same. It has none of the tell-tale signs of a home-produced track, it’s flawless experimentation is breath taking.

The EP is available to download through Apple Music, Google Play, and all other major streaming services.