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Rod Fritz

Rod Fritz – Stay with Me: a straight-from-the-soul indie pop rock serenade

With his catchy pop hooks, lyrics which act like sirens to the soul and the ardent air which drifts through his masterful sound, bonafide Australian singer-songwriter and alchemist of emotion, Rod Fritz, unsurprisingly hasn’t struggled to find international acclaim.

If you’re yet to be acquainted, their 2020 single ‘Stay with Me’ will make sure that it’s an introduction that you’re unlikely to forget.

Stay with Me may be sentimentally tinged with melancholy, but as you grapple with the emotions which transpire at the prospect at losing that person who you’d unequivocally fall apart without, the soundscape refuses you to feel any ounce of sadness. Instead, it captures the passion-driven determination which comes to fruition when you start to feel the gratitude for that irreplaceable human.

Any fans of Lumineers and Mumford and Sons will undoubtedly want to delve into this ardently sweet country pop rock release.

The official music video to Stay with Me is available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast