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The call to start each day fresh: Null Rays storm in hot with powerful message on ‘Adolescent Day’

Scorched forth into our living rooms from their latest full album ‘Nocturnal Sun‘ from 2020, the heat is turned up in unprecedented style with the classic-sounding start that reminds you of a 90’s sound. ‘Adolescent Day‘ from Null Rays is a call to wake up to reality, and asking us all to smell the roses where you can, as life is so barmy and weird right now.

The vocals are so passionately sung and the story of the new day that we need to take charge of is utmost importance. With a Rock hard energy that is easy to like, you feel like this is a proper message in an often-confusing and strange world. Staying sane and doing things are safe and fun to do is the way forward, in order to stay mentally alive and in reality.

This is the voice of a self-aware band who have a mighty message to let rip on the world, and this is the only intention. The frustration of a singer who wants to travel the world, but is locked in and waiting for better days to present themselves. A fierce energy is transmitted to our ears and the napalm-like explosive chorus heats up the cold and damp skies, that we all see before us.

The spectacular story from Providence Rhode Island Hard-Rockers Null Rays on ‘Adolescent Day‘ is the call to brighter days and to stay calm during this time. Playing this high voltage song while staying positive despite the gloom, is a smart way to stay young and alive inside.

Get your speakers on loud while enjoying this new release on Spotify and see more from the band on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling lonely in this distant world: Ireland’s Dubh Lee evolves her sound on ‘Carousel’

Set for audio release on the 20th November 2020 and with the music video dropping in December, this has an honest Bluesy-Rock feel that means you are hooked tight, with the intimate feel presented. The start is full of rhythmical melodies that you feel are so pure and fresh, just the way you like it. Soon we are thrown into a story of loneliness that is so way too normal this year, with the exquisite voice of Irish singer Dubh Lee’s new song called ‘Carousel‘.

Her voice grabs you and feel her pain, the year has been a whirlwind of emotions that has tested the patience of even the most chilled person in the world. The story of being by yourself, trying to be smart and keeping safe, soon you just can’t take it anymore, and you desire that human touch again from friends and your future lover.

With a Blues-Rock Garage style that has so much appeal, the bass-lines are so hot you might need to have a cold shower to cool off. You can’t help but feel the sadness attached, the frustration paramount, in this wild year of 2020. Her voice echoes through your soul, this is a musician that has evolved from Indie-Folk, to a more edgy and gritty sound.

Carousel‘ has that extra bit of quality attached and that fat bass is a blessing to our lonely hearts, the cries are heard loud and clear as Dubh Lee is so honest as so many of us can relate to her current predicament.

Life has been turned upside down so we need to find good habits to hold onto, and keep them close when the world resembles some sense of normality in 2021.

Hear this tremendous talent on her Soundcloud and follow her Facebook for more releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen