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The Horror – I’ll be Bach!

Imagine if J.S. Bach had formed a gothic laden, doom laden metal band and set about writing scores for horror films. This is what the end result might have been, a track which splices his heavenly choir organ music and the dark and cavernous beats and broodiness of the modern metal oeuvre together.

The music is sweeping, terrible, claustrophobic, Shamanic and chilling, but it is also majestic, nightmarishly eloquent and beautifully Wagnerian. It is almost music as a dark religious rite, a primordial summoning but far from playing with all the shtick and cliché that most bands in the same musical ball park opt for, this seems all too real. That’s a bit of a worry to be honest.

Fractured rock beats power on growling bass lines and wilfully savage razor cuts of guitar and between defined musical structures eerie atmospherics and Stygian sounds vie for attention and the end result is a heavy, claustrophobic and nebulous musical collection. Its also a wonderful reunion of goth, metaller and classic rocker, it unites the dark hearted followers of earlier musical ages with todays children of a colder, more clinical night and this atramentous musical crusade is as wonderful as it is frightening.