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Latvian pianist Ieva Dubova stuns with hauntingly beautiful ”Avu Avu”

Avu Avu by Ieva Dubova

Ieva Dubova is a Latvian pianist and composer known for her experimental new age approach to classical piano music. This is a style that I have never heard before and my ears are so transfixed. I feel that I am hearing an absolute master at work here. The sounds are chilling and played with such skill and you can tell that many years of practice took place. This music is totally cinematic with influences that my mind can’t even fathom.

Ieva’s upcoming album ‘’Reverie” will be released in August and this is hotly anticipated. This is a part of a set of pieces called ”Ainavas”. This masterpiece is inspired by Latvian landscapes of the City of Gaujiena, folk music and the poetry of Ojars Vacietis.

Ieva Dubova is currently staying in London and I will definitely turn my attention to live piano music when venues open up again. I’m fascinated by this artist and can’t wait immerse myself further into this world. ”Avu Avu” has changed my outlook on this underrated genre of music and it’s such a quality track.

Stream this song on Bandcamp now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dreamy Sci-Fi Electronic Experiments with ”Life” from Dreamsonic

Taken off their latest 9 track album ”Reverie”, Dreamsonic are here with warped Science fiction electronic track ”Life”. This is an experience that takes you into a different galaxy, full of mystery and intrigue. I feel like I’m in an episode of Rick & Morty while listening to this.

Denton, Texas is the home of Dreamsonic, a 1 piece act that is fairly new in the music game but taking steps forward to become more and more well known. Surely a candidate to be included in a movie, ”Life” takes you on a rather strange journey that makes you feel a bit uncertain at times and very unsure about yourself. I feel a bit paranoid while listening to this song I must admit. Perhaps that was the point of the whole track, life is a very up and down trip.

With constant music coming out which is probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dreamsonic will definitely have their fans who urge to soak up as much of this style during the nights, the music fits the late night club scene. ”Life” is a good song, very different from what I have heard before and for that, this kind of creativity must be celebrated.

Stream this new song here on SoundCloud.