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Exodus Burns And The Burning vocalist knows that they will be war first on, ‘Living In The Land Of Illusion’

Showing us the truth when many try and hide it for their own selfish gains, Exodus Burns And The Burning vocalist urges us to wake up from what these sleepy thoughts aren’t teaching us about history with his latest single, ‘Living In The Land Of Illusion‘.

Exodus Burns And The Burning vocalist is a Nassau, Bahamas-born independent reggaeton artist who is also a world traveller and educator who is renowned wherever he lands.

He is also the founder of Junkaa Bubb – which is a mixture of Bahamas Junkanoo music and Reggae Dubb music – who sends another real message here for us to learn from, away from the horrid misinformation that can break your glorious soul into tiny pieces.

To uplift consciousness in the African mind.” ~ Exodus Burns

Taking us to where the blood was spilt before and the memories that shall never be forgotten, Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist brings us another true story about how Africa has been scarred from its past and must never forget the right way forward to be truly at peace with itself.

Living In The Land Of Illusion‘ from Nassau, Bahamas-born independent reggaeton artist and teacher Exodus Burns And The Burning vocalist show us a world that can take you away from the truth if you aren’t too careful. He warns us that war will come if we believe that our oppressors are here to help us when they are actually just taking what truthfully, isn’t theirs. Sung with his unmistakable grit and honesty, this is another lesson from a great of the genre who further cements his name into the hearts of those who have opened their eyes to what is real.

Listen up to this new single of substance on Soundcloud and see more on his Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist raises our understanding with the praise-filled release, ‘Jacob’s Rising’

Dispatching our joyous feet into a tapping mood and our smiles beaming wide, Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist returns with his signature style on his latest single called ‘Jacob’s Rising‘.

Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist is a Nassau, Bahamas-born reggaeton artist who is also is a globe traveller and educator of the very highest order. The founder of Junkaa Bubb – which is a mixture of Bahamas Junkanoo music and Reggae Dubb music – is certainly a worldwide artist who performs with so much authentic love.

The Song Jacob’s Rising is written to bring consciousness to all the descendants of the twelve tribes of Jacob from the house of Israel, about who we are, where we are, and where we should be.” ~ Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist

Jacob’s Rising‘ from Nassau, Bahamas-born Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist, is one of those likeable singles you can’t help but sing with on full voltage. This is a self-aware artist who has so much to give the world, as he performs with a technique that makes him one of the most sought-after underground musicians in his region. With a beat that has your fingers clicking and your body swaying, this is all about rising up and not paying attention to any negativity that can take you down under.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more news on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Look Into My Eyes: Mr. Relax brings the heat with love-packed Latino single ‘Tu DeMo’ (feat. D-Fish)

With a cheeky glint in the eye and with lots of smooth moves to get the heart beating faster, Mr. Relax brings us his brand new Latino love track to get those bodies grooving and moving with ‘Tu DeMo(feat. D-Fish).

Mr. Relax is a Latino artist who skillfully blends in Trap and Reggaeton and is a music producer/owner at SSL ProRecords.

Your DeMo is when you have just met someone very special and dedicate a romantic demonstration of yourself.” ~ Mr. Relax

This is dance-filled message about letting that person know that you are for real, as you move in closer and tell them exactly how you feel. There is a sonic energy here which fills the dimly lit club, as your style is full of no regrets to see if they are in the same vibe as you or not. With lots of classy sunglasses, romantically tones lyrics and sweaty bodies around, this has a lets-go-home-together vibe which brings you back to the old days at your local nightspot.

Tu DeMo(feat. D-Fish) from the Latino Trap/Reggaeton artist, music producer and record label owner Mr. Relax, is a sexy song all about showing that you are the right person for your future lover. Rapped, sung and danced with a sensual style and featuring lots of flashy visuals, this is a late-night track to put on when you want to impress that special someone.

See this exciting new music video on YouTube and see more via the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lets Dance: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines artist Dynamite has his eyes set on the smiling ‘Mamacita’ (prod. by Shando)

Returning with a new Reggaeton vibe and powered by his indie label South-Side Quarry that certainly spices up your mood after many cold days locked inside, Dynamite shows us what all the hype is about on his freshly squeezed new love anthem for the summer called ‘Mamacita(prod. by Shando).

Joel Tyril aka Dynamite, is a Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-born indie singer-songwriter, label owner and businessman. He has moved into a Hispanic/English style of music recently, as he is always looking to evolve his sound and push the boundaries with creating hit records.

Inspired by Sizzle, Buju Banton, Burning Spare and Capleton, this is a progressive musician who has also shared the stage with Mattafix, RDX, Kevin Little, The Wixard, Bad Royal and Static in the past. His motivation is clear to hear and he sings with much confidence and heartfelt desire to reach all of the obtainable lofty goals set, that he has written down to manifest for the earth to provide.

This isn’t just any record to me, it’s apart of my journey as a spiritual being having a human experience.” ~ Dynamite

Mamacita(prod. by Shando) from the exciting Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-based Reggaeton artist and label owner Dynamite, is that come-and-vibe-with-me right now and let’s dance all night kind of single. With the energy set on a love-filled romantic flow – the bring-the-tequila taste is there for all to sip up enthusiastically –  as the smiles gets bigger and the night turns happily joyful, to having the best evening possible for all involved.

Freshen your ears on Spotify and see more of his Island-filled socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mr. Relax teamed up with D-Fish for their 90s Dancehall Reggae single ‘Feelings’

For his latest release, ‘Feelings’, Mr. Relax teamed up with Dutch hip hop artist, D-Fish to create a visceral, vibrant high-vibe mix which grooves to reggae rhythm and grinds to RnB pop beats.

You could see it as an ode to 90s RnB – think Peter Andre, Sean Paul and Shabba Ranks, or you could see it as a timely arrival of a sun-soaked reggaeton track, powerful enough to pull us out of the most depressing winters in living history.

The official video which has already racked up over 70,000 streams since premiering on January 18th is available via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Helping her repair the broken heart: Wønder is terrific on new Reggaeton/Latino-Trap track ‘Mejor Sola’

Wønder brings us a wonderful Spanish-language single to immerse ourselves into on the new release called ‘Mejor Sola‘.

Translated to ‘Better Alone‘ in English, this is the relatable story about being there for a friend when she has her heart broken by another man. He threw her heart into the trash, as he was selfish and you were there to pick up the pieces. You are watching her party away her pain which is hard for you to bare, but you must help her, as you are a kind heart and don’t want to see her hurt anymore.

Gustavo Maravilla Cruz, aka Wønder, is a Mexican Latino-Trap and Reggaeton singer-songwriter, and music producer from West Pittsburgh in California, USA. He makes that smooth music that helps your heart heal, while also getting your body to move and groove just right. This is a man who has been doing what he loves since very young, as he was brought into music by his parents who have blessed him with this rare gift and feeling the sounds, all over his body.

His voice echos sweetly through the simmering speakers and you feel a calming energy while listening to him. He brings a caring sensation and the excellent beat is a pleasurable experience on the heartbroken soul inside.

Mejor Sola‘ from the marvelously talented USA/Mexican artist Wønder, is a sensational song that makes you a bit sad, feeling reflective and also has you thinking of those times that you were let down, and how you rose to fixing your heart again. This is a passionate song that hits the heights of your inner-most desires, and has you joining in on the song, singing at the top of your lungs while learning Spanish at the same time.

Perhaps being alone for now is okay if it means you won’t be hurt. Finding that special person that cares about you deep inside, is what we are all looking for after all.

Stream this exciting and flamboyant Latino track on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lo-Ke drops “Henny Nights”

Born in London, raised in France, and schooled in the USA, bi-national musician/rapper/producer Lo-Ke brings the summertime party with this upbeat-but-low-key (pun very much intended) electronic/reggaeton crossover track with producer Shadow Kyd.

Upfront hip-hop vocals meet Latin bachata-style rhythms, sparkling keys, and chilled out, Daddy Yankee-style 125 BPM.

It swings, in a dembow kind of way, under Lo-Ke’s tale of hot summer nights, Hennessy, missed flights, and waking up ‘with a cute girl on my right’, perfectly capturing those living for the moment, fairy-lighted steamy dancehall nights and hot, Latin, grooves.

You can check out Henny Nights via SoundCloud.

Review by Alex Holmes

Quay Rashad has dropped their rhythmically entrancing Dancehall single “My Baby” featuring AU Music

For their debut single “My Baby”, Quay Rashad borrowed the talent of AU Music and the influence of a myriad of different genres. Each stylistic genre-infusion into the Dancehall mix served to amp up the euphoria while keeping the tempo smooth and undemanding yet soulfully compelling. Hit play and you’ll find elements of Afro Beat, Reggaeton and Hip Hop under a hazily comforting production.

I absolutely adore the eclecticism to Quay Rashad’s high-vibe entrancingly rhythmic sound. There’s a true sense that the breaking artist just let their soul flow right into the soundscape and it didn’t struggle to lead the way. It’s no surprise that there’s already plenty of hype around the release. Get him on your radar.

You can check out Quay Rashad’s single My Baby for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Prepare Your Summer Playlists for Rounna’s Standout Reggaeton Track “Empaquetao”

Latino Reggaeton artist Rounna dropped their standout fiery mix Empaquetao as 2019 drew to a close, if you missed it, it’s our pleasure to introduce the rhythm-soaked danceable drop.

Now that summer is once again around the corner, it’s time to start reintroducing equally as tropical tracks to our playlists, and summer anthems don’t get much hotter than Empaquetao. The Reggaeton beats in Empaquetao may be contemporary and fresh, but the arrestive potency of the exotic rhythms remains. Unilingual minds may not be able to decipher the lyrics, but the grooves in the melodies are universally arrestive.

You can check out the official music video to Rounna’s latest single by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Noiz Kelley – N. Y. L.: Soulfully Elevating Hip Hop

Up and coming Washington-based Hip Hop artist and producer Noiz Kelley’s latest single “N. Y. L.” drips pure vibrant soul. Each progression is as dynamic as the last and will leave you even more enamoured by the artist’s effervescently energetic approach to songwriting.

It’s got all transcendent soul which you’d expect from Gospel music. Yet, the lyrics have been kept light, uplifting, and universally resonant so that even the staunchest of atheists will be inspired by Noiz Kelley.

Noiz Kelley is to Hip Hop what Hozier is to Rock n Roll. Their eccentrically playful approach to their sound which keeps the instrumentals organic and the vocal passion striking will undoubtedly see them make plenty of waves in 2020 and beyond.

You can check out N. Y. L. for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia