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Raymond Theard & Frannie EL delivered luxe euphonic soul in their latest single, She Wants Me

For their latest single, She Wants Me, the New Orleans born and raised RnB luminary and owner of 4u Productions, Raymond Theard, roped in the vocal cords of Frannie EL to deliver luxe euphonic soul, served with a slice of seductive rap that effortlessly coalesces with his 90s-ESQUE harmonies that turn up the heat on romantic gratitude.

The perfect soundtrack to a late-night drive through a glistening metropolis, She Wants Me reached the pinnacle of sonic sex appeal as it cruises through the mellifluous progressions with groove pockets so deep that you could bed down in them. Instead of solely pulling at the roots of RnB, Theard planted a few soul seeds of his own, enabling the hit to set the bar for any contemporary looking to tattoo themselves in their audiences’ memory.

She Wants Me hit the airwaves on March 31; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast