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Ravery Moore drops mysterious new single She was walking in the dark

Guiding us through the story of that lonely walk through the wind-swept park, Ravery Moore shows us that scary time when the trees shiver and the night feels rather spooky on She was walking in the dark.

Ravery Moore is a USA-based indie alternative singer-songwriter who is in imperious form and makes those cinematic singles which will have fingernails feeling sharper.

Fermenting with so much self-awareness and featuring a compelling story, Ravery Moore is truly passionate beyond any previous comprehension through a scintillating track. There is so much vigor inter-webbed through the incredible passion on offer that shall show us where that all-important path leads.

She was walking in the dark from USA-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Ravery Moore is an emotionally charged single with a breezy feel to proceedings. Projected with real depth and simmering with so much honesty, this is a gripping track to play when you feel like taking your imagination into the outdoors again.

Hear this fine song on Spotify and see more on the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen