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For Humankind: Buffalo gem Sara Elizabeth sings for the brave souls on terrific ‘Rational Anthem’

With a self-aware attitude that shows her incredible strength and inspiring resilience to survive anything that comes in her path, Sara Elizabeth sings with so much soul to unite us all on ‘Rational Anthem‘.

Sara Elizabeth is a deeply thoughtful Buffalo, New York-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter and a proud graduate of a Bachelors in Music and Minor in Sound Design for Theatre from the University at Buffalo.

I wrote this song last year during a global pandemic, an election year, a time when fundamental truths began deepening the divisions in our country. “Rational Anthem” rephrases some familiar stanzas with one theme in mind – people over patriotism.” ~ Sara Elizabeth

You feel her superb tone shaking through the dust of your fragile speaker, her powerfully elegant voice is the whole package and shines through like a light at the end of a dark and dingy tunnel. If feels like she is in such inspired form here and performs with a delightful style, each word is meaningful and tremendously performed with complete love.

Rational Anthem‘ from the much-respected Buffalo, New York-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter Sara Elizabeth, shows us her thoughts on a very touchy subject that has many people divided, when the USA needs to be more together than ever as it leads the world. After almost walking away from music a few years back as she felt so lost, thank goodness Sara kept her faith that she could she succeed.

This is a quality track that is such an enthralling listen and needs to be admired for its courageousness to speak up in this time of uncertain divisiveness, that must be conquered for the good of humankind.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see her moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen