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Thinking about love during the festive season: Gabriel Gassi drops new romantic single ‘Time Of Year’ (feat. Malkom Cheru)

Set for release on the 4th December 2020, this is a happy song that gets us into the festive mood despite the horrifically difficult year our planet has faced this year. Gabriel Gassi sings with all the bells and whistles on ‘Time Of Year’ (ft. Malkom Cheru).

The Stockholm, Sweden based pop singer-songwriter brings us a lo-fi flavored festive season treats and brings along the fellow Swedish rapper Malkom Cheru who has Washington, DC roots.

The snow and the lights make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you remember that great times being with the family in your life. There is so much to like here as he has a soothing voice that simmers through the cold winds of a rocky year.

He cares for the family but misses his special one during this time and wishes they could be together during this time of year. The romantic nature of late December makes him think so much of when they will be able to share this time and not be so far away.

Time Of Year’ (ft. Malkom Cheru) is a song to enjoy with the whole family and makes things a bit better when you think about these precious moments that you can’t replace. Gabriel Gassi is a motivated individual and you can feel his passion pulsating through his veins and into his music. This is a musician that isn’t afraid to collaborate with other artists and wants to have his music heard globally. With a lot of hard work, patience and the correct strategy, that Christmas stocking should be a lot fuller in 2021.

Get into the merry mood on Soundcloud plus find out more on IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding that perfect love: ‘Accent’ from R&B musician Whysohated is the story of knowing who you want to be with

The sound of the mellow acoustic guitar that fuses so sweetly with the R&B vocals that stimulates the mind rather effortlessly. He simmers into our lives with a mellow entry that will have you intrigued right away. R&B musician Whysohated takes us on a love journey that has a happy ending on his new song ‘Accent’.

His voice shows the growing passion he has for this special soul that has appeared in his life so suddenly. He is feeling the loyalty and good energy here. She feels like the right kind of person to be with right now, and is trying to hide any emotion, in order to keep in cool and not fall too hard, too fast.
With a sensual flow and the ability to hold his voice just right without getting too much for the ears, this is exactly the type of song to play with that love in your life. The candles are lit, the bubble bath is ready, the drinks are cold and the night is still young.
Finding that person to join your tribe is so important as there are so many fake people around that either what to be with you for your money, who you know or what you look like.

Being with someone that cares about you for you is the most vital thing to do for true and long last happiness. If they like your ‘Accent’, you are halfway there already and Anaheim, California native Whysohated sings us a melody that will be stuck in your head all day and perhaps all night too.

Hear this new track here on his Spotify and follow the music journey on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doing things your own way: ‘A Different Way’ from DEMO is an exciting journey of self-discovery

The enthusiastically exuberant start jump-starts you into the groove right away. There are some Pharrell Williams influences here, as the funky fresh style and vibrant voice, plows through the unnecessarily noisy 2020, and into your mind. With so much to like here, you suddenly feel a happy sensation in all of your tired bones, that helps you heal rather quickly. ‘A Different Way‘ is such a fun listen from DEMO as he makes each listener a new fan, due to his self-aware lyrics, and his style makes you smile again.

This is about caring so much for the one you love and realizing that you are actually so different. The funky rhythm is so catchy and you find yourself sliding all the way around your lounge, with the neighbors getting into the fun too. The beat is so constantly fun and never gives up as you keep on looking up to the sky, shaking off all self-doubt that is dragging you into the sticky sand of the world.

His voice drags you into the story, you feel like he isn’t holding back here, and is being so honest about himself. A self-aware single with soul, is what the world needs, to help clear the dark thoughts of millions out there, all looking for inspiration through music.

A Different Way‘ from the excitingly electric talent of DEMO is the call to express yourself clearly, and to be totally honest, no matter what comes around in your world.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That love you can’t get enough of: ‘Without You’ from Matru is filled with electric energies of fascinating wonder

The soothingly subtle yet electric beat that fascinates the mind rather suddenly, is thrust before us. The magnetically charged Indie Electro-Pop feel gives you a comforting but sad feeling, as you get the picture here of troubled love. German producer/singer Matru is here with his new single called ‘Without You‘ and you will be transported into a wave-pool of emotions rather quickly.

His vocals strike you like a bolt of electricity in the system, the passion is so vividly expressed with a voice that means each word. This is about that love that you can’t get enough of, you want them to stay even though these times are so tough presently. The story of wanting them to stay is apparent, and the pure beat keeps your interested ears wide open, your eyes are open to hear more, and your thoughts go to that love you couldn’t get enough of.

With a stunning vocal experience that is so real and poignant, this is an Indie Electro-Pop journey that will awaken your senses and put perspective in your life. The possible heartbreak could be looming and this is journey of realizing what you really want is so clear to hear, the vision of that special love that you crave so much, that could be lost forever.

Matru opens up his heart on ‘Without You‘ and has sent us a song that is so relevant and makes think of past love. This is music to hold that special one close with, and to hope that you two can always be together, no matter obstacles block your love.

Hear this riveting new single on his Spotify and see more on Facebook, IG and Youtube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wondering what you did so wrong: Megzz sings from the heart on ‘Tell Me Why’

Her voice paints the picture of pain and sadness, the sudden end of something so special is so hard to comprehend right now, as you haven’t gotten a proper answer that makes sense to you deep inside. Megzz shows us how she is feeling on the R&B flavored single called ‘Tell Me Why‘.

You were always the one to call first and this hurts the most. Was it all a totally waste of time or were you meant to learn this lesson in order to know your true worth?

With a powerful voice that is so easy on the ear, you are swept into deep thought here and wondering about past relationships. A beat that captures your imagination is eerily present and you can feel a special singer here. Her honest lyrics are captivating and real, each word has been written from a real experience that needs to time heal. Love conquers all they say but right now you are too sad to think clearly.

This is a high standard here and one of the finest R&B indie tracks around. A crystal clear voice that is held back just right, the sorrow sweeps you off your feet and you want to hug a friend right now to feel better.

Megzz has that extra bit of class that she was born with and ‘Tell Me Why‘ is quite excellent. They promised to stay but lied, this is a singer that is indeed here to stay- in our hearts forever.

Hear this heartbreaking single here on her Spotify and show support on Facebook for news on shows and upcoming releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That floating feeling inside your stomach: ‘Love Can Make You Feel’ from Shaya Ritchie is ecstatically pleasing in so many ways

She has a voice that makes your heart float around in happiness for a few minutes. You think about that feeling inside your stomach that you can’t shake off and don’t want to, even if it hurts sometimes. British singer Shaya Ritchie is so incredible on ‘Love Can Make You Feel‘ and this song will leave you reminiscing while staring out the lonely window and thinking about previous relationships.

You can feel the Jazzy influences, carefully meshed with some classy Classical and Alicia Keys to Toni Braxton, Shaya’s voice is so uniquely sweet and real. She has an ability to sing in a tone that is so melodic and keeps you intertwined into her song with pristine appeal.

This is about wondering what the meaning of love is and features some lovely lo-fi as you look through the window and wonder what you can achieve outside. You soon think more about love and how it feels real deep inside, the one place that no one else can feel. It is only you that knows what is down there and what makes you tick.

You think about that special person and wish it was love and not lust, you are still searching for that special one. The person that keep you high all the time and you don’t need anyone’s Bob Marley to get you in that state. All you need is Shaya Ritchie and her ‘Love Can Make You Feel‘.

Hear this memorable track on her Spotify and follow Shay’s journey on Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Isla Croll showcases her tremendous vocal ability with the true-life Jazz-R&B single ‘All About You’

Isla Croll showcases her tremendous vocal ability with the true-life ‘All About You‘, a story about how some people can be so selfish and only think about themselves. This is a fine effort from The Voice UK Kids Semi-finalist 2020, who performs all over the UK and also is a regular on TV.

Isla Croll is a Jazzy/Soul/R&B singer who started taking music lessons at aged 9. The Hampshire-based musician is a name for now and the future due to her incredible voice and terrific songwriting skills.

You care about them so much but they keep on showing you some traits that you are really worried about. They only think about themselves and this is concerning to you as you are the opposite. Will this last or do will you find someone with your same morals?

With a soulfully genuine voice and humble attitude, you just know that this is a young, talented musician with the world at her feet. Isla Croll sings so effortlessly and this is a pleasure to the earlobes.

All About You‘ shows us how this gifted artist is growing each day and this is a debut to remember. You will be singing along all day and this is for all ages.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this gem.

Find out more about shows post-covid here on Facebook.

Follow the journey on her Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Sorry, I’m Not’ from Chinese C-Pop/R&B artist Echo Huang is a song with genre-bending skill about heartbreak

Sorry, I’m Not‘ from Chinese C-Pop/R&B artist Echo Huang is a song with genre-bending skill about heartbreak that shines through the dark clouds of current times. The Berklee College of Music student is on a mission to combine these two styles to educate her homeland and also create her own lane in the music highway.

Currently based in Boston, you get the feeling that this young musician is finding her voice really quickly. With a fresh sound and lots of self-motivation, this is the start of something special. Inspired by OG Chinese artists, Whitney Houston, D’Angelo and Erykah Badu just to name a few, Echo is learning from the best but also doing things in her own way.

You know your self-worth and refuse to let anyone push you around. You are sad that things ended and the friendship is over but they walked over you way too many times. The trust barrier is broken like a car that needs a much-needed service.

Echo Huang sings with such grace on ‘Sorry, I’m Not‘. She knows her value and isn’t letting anyone bring her down. With a lovely voice and clever lyrics, this is such an enjoyable listen that keeps you hooked all the way through. I love the way that Echo writes music, her lyrics catch your attention and the beat meshes perfectly with the message.

This is an artist with so much talent and authenticity, which is just what we needed in this crazy year. She has made this writer a huge C-Pop/R&B fan and many more will follow.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s Tamarind Dream take us on a groovy lo-fi ride with ‘Grapefruit’

Tamarind Dream take us on a groovy lo-fi ride with ‘Grapefruit‘ and this is a lovely track to help us all in 2020.

This young London-based group and are making waves and we are just enjoying the ocean. This is so smooth with classy attributes for our ears.

You fight so hard for that extra bit of energy. It’s that bittersweet moment as you know that it is there but you need to find it. New memories are on the way and you just need to fight through this currently moment. Time will help but you you want this moment now.

Tamarind Dream are quite glorious on the new single called ‘Grapefruit‘. This is a fruit lo-fi mix of wonderful music that will surely cheer you up. This is one of the best tracks of the year so far due to its awesome vibe and subtle lyrics. Here is some pure Psychedelic R&B that will make you happy. This is a welcome 2020 release and this is a fine track.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chicago singer-songwriter D’Zhari drops dramatic visuals for ‘Alone’

Chicago singer-songwriter D’Zhari has just dropped her dramatic visuals for the new single called ‘Alone‘.

An artist who aims for the listener to be provided with soul food, she strives to create a blended style drawing upon R&B, Soul, and Jazz to lift the spirits of her audience. D’Zhari certainly reaches her goal, her voice so elegant and the music so well-made, from love.

D’Zhari sings with such passion on ‘Alone‘. You can see that she doesn’t want to do this journey all by herself, the thought of it is so scary for the lovely singer. She has such a fine voice, the style is so elegant and always with class. In a genre that can be so smutty, she is the guiding light here that proves that great music still wins. This is an R&B track all about not wanting to face this world alone, which as humans we shouldn’t be subjected to. facing the world as a team is much better. This is a quality track, full of love and heart.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen