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Shurpi gets us back into the right mindset with Energy

Taken from his head-turning, body-grooving 8-track release called Mastered The Art, Shurpi shall unwrap the unhelpful plastic lodged bottomless into our fractured frontal lobes with the dynamic new single, Energy.

Shurpi is a Boris Shurp-created EDM project that swirls around in brilliantly radiant energy to enhance our minds and calms our busy souls with only pure music to get thrilled about.

Turning our attention away from all distractions and dropping the heat to warm up all unconscious cruces, Shurpi sends all shivers into the freezer on this sublime track. If you like it foot-tapping and natural, you’ve entered the right door.

Energy from the genre-busting electronic music producer Shurpi is a quite terrific single to get ecstatic about no matter where in the world you are right now. This is an ear-piercing song with a calibrated sequence to snap back into reality. Right now.

Can you feel it? Let it sink in, it’s coming.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen